Tuesday, March 22, 2005

* Great Healer *

We come to You today lifting up
any of my friends and or email buddies
who may be struggling with some form
.of illness, disability, or disease

No human being can fully understand
our troubles and sufferings like
You, Jesus. For You bore our griefs
and pains. You carried our
.sorrows and sicknesses

Lamb of God, You endured the wounds
beatings, and whippings so that
.we may have peace and healing

And even the most eloquent words are
not fully sufficient to express
our gratitude, adoration, love and
thanks for this precious
.everlasting gift

God Almighty, we know that You have
the power to heal, so we ask that You
bring Your healing touch today. Just
say the word, and we are healed, we
are set free, we are delivered, we
.are made whole

Pour out Your healing balm on us this
day. Place Your hand of healing upon
us this very hour, this very
moment – touching us in
!miraculous ways

Revive us, restore us, rejuvenate
us, re-energize us - not only to
make our lives easier, not for pride
or vanity's sake, not to make
us puffed up, perfect, and strong in
.the world's eyes

But so that we may function the way
You want us to, that we may be
living epistles of Your mercy, glory
.and power

That we can be living, breathing
testimonies that we do serve a God
who is the same yesterday, today, and
forever - that we serve a God
.that heals us now and forever

I also lift up all my friends and email
buddies who are in need of
.emotional healing today, O God

Loose us from these infirmities and free
.us from our emotional prisons

Lord, send Your anointing that destroys
every yoke; that binds up and mends all
our brokenness; that heals every emotional
.wound – past and present

Father, You have begun a good work in us
and You have promised to complete it until
the day of Christ Jesus, so guide us through
.the steps to emotional wholeness

Help us to live according to the Spirit
.of life and liberty

Help us to forget those things, which
lie behind, and empower us to press
forward towards those things that
.lie ahead for us

Father, You have made us new
creatures – old things have passed
.away and all things have become new

We declare and decree that we will
.walk in this newness of life

And Father, we also confess any sin
before You. We repent and turn
.from all wickedness

We let go of any resentment, all
unforgiveness, hatred, maliciousness
- deception, carnality, and pride
anything that prevents us from
experiencing the full benefits of
.Your kingdom

Father, help us to always give attention
to Your Word and incline our ears to Your
voice. Help us not part from them, knowing
that they are life and health for our
.whole bodies, mind, and soul

And Lord God, as we await the manifestation
of our complete and total healing, give us
the strength to continue to praise You with
;our whole heart despite our circumstances
despite our pains and sufferings; despite our
.discomforts and sores

Help us never forget the good things You
.have done in our lives

Help us not to hear or listen to the bad report
of the Doctors or others but help us to hear the
report of the Lord and to dwell on the miraculous
.things he can and will do for us

.For You are truly everything You claim to be
You have proven Yourself over and over and
.over again, and we trust You, O Lord

.We trust You and we believe Your Word

.In Jesus' Name we pray


~ Tara "Nikki" Gaudin ~

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