Tuesday, February 08, 2005

^ ?Where are You ^

Gen 3:9 Then the LORD God called to the man
(and said to him, "Where are you?" (NAS

.Take one omniscient Being
Think about omniscient. God knows
everything. He does not have to think
things over. He doesn't have to wonder
.what will happen or when it will happen
He doesn't need a lie detector. He
doesn't need to see the video tape over
again - no instant replay required. He
knows the end from the beginning. He
doesn't have to add up the column of
.numbers to get the answer. He just knows
And while that whole concept may be
something very tough for our finite
minds to completely grasp, we get a
taste of it. Then to see this question
"Where are you?" It doesn't take a rocket
.scientist to see that something is odd
If I shouted down the hallway, "Where are
you?" First you might wonder what I was
doing in your house. But after that the
question would be perfectly valid. I
obviously do not know where you are. I
.need help locating you

But here is the oddity. God knows
everything, so He knows where Adam is
hiding and why. But the all-knowing
Creator of the Universe still asks
"?Adam, "Where are you

One point is that God is asking for
Adam's benefit. Adam, think about where
you are. Think about what has happened
to you. Why are you hiding from me? Surely
.you know I care for you more than anyone
?So, what has come between us Adam
Has God ever asked you, "Where are
you?" meaning, "What is it that is in
your life that is coming between us?" It
is an uncomfortable thing. The best thing
to do is just confess and repent. Adam
tries to blameshift to Eve, but God knows
all about that too. That is the trouble
with trying to argue with an omniscient
Being. In a battle of whits we are greatly
outgunned to the point of being comedic. A
rubber raft and one oar complete with pea
shooter verses a full outfitted, nuclear
-powered Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. Get
a picture of that in your mind because
that's about as close as our limited scope
can grasp to the actual reality of
.the situation

There's one other thing about "Where are
you?" that is clear if you think about
it. It also says, "I love you." I'm coming
to you and I want to help. I want you to
see the predicament you are in clearly. I'm
being very patient with you in My care and
.concern for you. Let Me help you

Remember, tears are indeed a language
.that God understands

Grace & Peace

~ By Mike Hoskins ~

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