Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Six Universal Spiritual Principles

Find out the six universal spiritual principles
:common to all people, here


Being kind to all life is a choice we can
make in every moment of every day--doing
as little harm and as much good as we
.can, given our situation


By putting ourselves in others’ shoes
.we may understand their struggle
The roots of the word compassion
are “to suffer with;” by practicing
voluntary radical simplicity, we will
better understand the situation of
the world’s low--income people. Most
spiritual traditions extend compassion
to all life, the Earth as whole, and
(!the beholder (that’s you


The intense concern a mother has for
her child, and the child for its
mother is one example of unconditional
love. Most of us entered this world in
the space of love. when the child no
longer relies on its mother for
nourishment, warmth, and safety, the Mother
Earth takes over meeting our
needs. This space of intense concern
.can be extended to all life


When we love others and the Earth we
will naturally want to be accountable
for our influence on their welfare. In
a global economy, truly being accountable
for the implications of even our smallest
actions is a tall order. It we transition
to a bioregional lifestyle where we see
the results of our choices ad we cultivate
a love for all life, we might be more
.willing to be accountable


Self-imposed limits and restraints
are part of a spiritual life. We can
grow to love limits as they focus our
energies into positive, helpful
.activities that do no harm


To see the wonder and miracle of even
the seemingly common things helps us
appreciate our brief time on this
planet. We draw a breath. . . and
!then another. . . What a miracle

from Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel _

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