Friday, February 25, 2005

~*~ Lord, We Want Your LOVE to Overtake us ~*~

We want Your love to melt away all
of our sorrow, all of our anger
all of our mistrust, all of our
.emotional instabilities

Lord, let Your love permeate all
the walls we have put up in
.our lives

The walls of built out of the pain
of past abuses. The walls built up
.out of the pain of betrayals
The walls built up by
.the pains of violence

The walls built up by the pains
of rejection. The walls built up
.by the pains of abandonment
The walls built up by the pains
.of hatred and prejudice

Lord, go to our very inner man
and heal those places in our lives
that prevent us from loving You
loving others, and loving ourselves
.in the way You desire us to

Lord God, as You have rescued us
out of the miry clay, as You
reached down and rescued our souls
from the bondage's of sin, as You
fought and won our victory over
eternal death, with that same power
.come in and heal our hearts

Reveal to us the places that need
healing that are laid hidden to
.us, but are wide open to You

Help us to understand why there
are some struggles and some
battles that we seem to always
.lose footing over

Help us to see the workings of
our emotions that drive us to do
things that we know that
.we shouldn't

And help us to put every single
high place, every single idol
every single soul tie, every
single object of obsession and
oppression, at Your altar of
.all consuming fire

And give us the courage and
strength to turn our backs
on it, walk away from it
.and never turn back

As You complete Your good
work in us, o Father, give
us the same sensitivity to
.others who are struggling

Give us the same compassion
for those bound up in their
sin. Give us the same love for
those lost in a world that
does not truly know and
.acknowledge You

Lord, You have called us to
go and make disciples of
.all nations
You have given us the authority
over demons, You have given us
the power to lay hands on
.the sick and they shall be healed

You have given us Your Name
covered us in Your blood, and
baptized us with Your Precious
.Holy Spirit

Help each and everyone of us to
grow in the full revelation
of this truth. Give us
the courage and boldness to
.walk in this great inheritance

Give us the faith to accept this
call on our lives. And anoint us
with an energy, zeal, new and renewed
commitment and determination to
carry out Your Great Commission
.every day of our lives

We thank You, O God, for taking us
.to a new, higher level in You

We thank You for sharing with us
.Your plans and purposes
We thank You for speaking to us
.in dreams and visions

We thank You for opening Your
Word to us in ways like never

We thank You for every miracle
upon miracle in, through, and
for our lives and for the promotion
.of Your kingdom

.In Jesus Name we pray


by Julie _

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