Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Lord is nigh unto all them
that call upon Him, to all that
.call upon Him in truth
He will fulfill the desire of them
that fear Him: He also will hear
.their cry, and will save them


The Way of the Transgressor
We're living in a World today
where nothing remains the same
Greed and power, and self indulgence
.appear to be the name of the game

Men involved in their own self
importance with no consideration
for other men's dreams
While the rest of the world sits
back and looks on as this world
.falls apart at the seams

I wonder if God hasn't had enough
of the games that people play
When their health is gone and time
has run out will they get on their
?knees to God and pray
Lord when will they learn to put
self aside and show compassion
?for others

To reach out in love and show
understanding to those who are
!their sisters and brothers
Nothing will change until You
make your appearance and
change the picture on the screen
Oh what a difference there will
be When You appear on the
That day will be one of humble
repentance, fear and trembling
will be top priority
Too late they will realize what
it has cost them and where they
!will spend eternity

~ Helen Johnson ~

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