Friday, February 04, 2005

~*~ I Believe ~*~

.I believe in God, He is not dead

.I believe He protects me from all dread

.I believe I can go to Him, in prayer

.I believe He will meet me there

.I believe God is my best friend

.I believe on Him I can depend

.I believe He knows my truest needs

.I believe God for every good deed

.I believe God lives within

.I believe God can use others to speak for Him

.I believe each has something new to share

.I believe it's our loss when we do not care

.I believe in faith, hope, love, and peace

.I believe in home, family, and community

.I believe there is a purpose for every one

.I believe we're to love each as if His Son

.I believe God honors all our labors of love

.I believe we can bring Him smiles, up above

.I believe in blessing God first

.I believe God will heal our earth

.I believe the lame will walk anew

.I believe in the recovery of sight

.I believe that which is torn will be made whole

.I believe God will keep His word to all

.I believe we'll receive praises from God

.I believe Jesus is coming to claim His bride

.I believe God will, again, dwell with man

.I believe we'll be free to serve God, again

© 2005 by Joyce C. Lock _

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