Monday, January 24, 2005

We Are To Overcome As Christ Overcame

These things I have spoken unto you
that in me ye might have peace. In
the world ye shall have tribulation
but be of good cheer; I have
.overcome the world

~ John 16:33 ~

Satan made stronger attacks upon
Christ than he will ever make upon
us. There was much at stake with him
whether Christ or himself should be
conqueror. If Christ resisted his most
powerful temptations, and Satan did
not succeed in leading Him to sin, he
knew that he must lose his power, and
finally be punished with everlasting
destruction. Therefore Satan worked
with mighty power to lead Christ to
do a wrong action, for then he would
gain advantage over Him. . . . You
can never be tempted in so determined
.and cruel manner as was our Saviour
.Satan was upon His path every moment

Will man take hold of divine power
and with determination and perseverance
resist Satan, as Christ has given him
example in His conflict with the foe
in the wilderness of temptation? God
cannot save man against his will from
the power of Satan's artifices. Man
must work with his human power, aided
by the divine power of Christ, to
resist and to conquer at any cost
to himself. In short, man must
overcome as Christ overcame. And
then, through the victory that it
is his privilege to gain by the
all-powerful name of Jesus, he
may become an heir of God and
joint-heir with Jesus Christ. This
could not be the case if Christ alone
did all the overcoming. Man must do
his part; he must be victor on his
own account, through the strength
and grace that Christ gives him. Man
must be a co-worker with Christ in
the labor of overcoming, and then he
will be partaker with Christ in His
glory. The Saviour overcame to show
man how he may overcome. All the
temptations of Satan, Christ met
with the Word of God. By trusting in
God's promises, He received power
to obey God's commandments, and the
.tempter could gain no advantage

~ Ellen G. White Estate ~

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