Thursday, January 06, 2005

The unfading beauty of a gentle
and quiet Spirit ... is of great
(.worth in GOD's sight (1 PETER 3 : 4

Someone asked me a question the other
.day that I have heard many times before
She asked me if it was selfish to choose
joy and happiness for ourselves when
.there was so much misery in this world
She felt guilty about her own happiness
because she saw so many around her
.were suffering

My answer to her and to all who feel
.bad or guilty about being happy is don't

God loves us all and wants all of us
to be happy.It isn't selfish to be happy
.and full of joy

In fact, it is the most unselfish
thing we can do. The only reason to have
something is to share it, and you can only
share what you have. If you are choosing
joy and love in your life then that is what
you will share with others. If all you are
feeling is guilt and misery then that is all
.that you will be able to give away

The truth is it is the selfish who are the
most unhappy in this life. Selfish people
are always wanting more and more things
in their lives. They think that if they
are rich enough or own enough that it will
finally fill the emptiness that is in
.their hearts

They don't see that their own selfishness
blocks out the love and joy that
could make them whole. John Greenleaf Whittier
"called selfishness, "The prison of a soul
.and that is truly what it is

It is when you are full of love and joy
however, that this prison opens. It is when
you are full of love and joy that
.your spirit soars free
It is when you are full of love
.and joy that you are the most giving

By filling your heart with love, your life
with joy, and your soul with God you
.give yourself the greatest gift imaginable
And once you have this gift all you want
.to do is share it with the world
Don't be selfish then. Give love and joy to
.yourself and to the world

~ Unknown ~

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