Tuesday, January 04, 2005

~*~ Perfect Peace Is Possible ~*~
Read: Isaiah 26:1-9

You will keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on You, because he
(trusts in You. ? (Isaiah 26:3

Few things (if anything at all) in this
.fallen world can be called perfect
But God promises to keep us
in "perfect peace" if we keep our minds focused
(.on Him and continue trusting Him (Isaiah 26:3

?So why do we find it so difficult to trust Him
Often, it's because we're afraid that things won't
go as we want them to unless we control them
ourselves. The less we are in control, the more
.anxious and worried we become

Author Hannah Whitall Smith wrote, "It is not
hard, you find, to trust the management of the
universe, and of all the outward creation, to
the Lord. Can your case then be so much more
complex and difficult than these, that you
need to be anxious or troubled about His
"?management of you

Yet we often think our situation is too
difficult for God. If we can't solve
.things ourselves, we doubt that He can
We have our Christian beliefs, yes? but
.that isn't the same as believing God
Believing God is a personal response that
grows out of our Christian faith and is
expressed by our increasing trust in Him
.and His promises

As our mind remains on Him, He keeps us
in perfect peace. This has been the
experience of countless believers, and
.you can experience it too

If God's creation helps us see
What wonders He can do
Then we can trust His promises
.For they are always true

God can be trusted in the dark as well
.as in the light

k by Rev. Joe Diaz k

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