Monday, January 10, 2005

O God Is Calling Us U

?Someone may ask - What time is it
!It is time to seek the Lord
.For some, it is time long overdue

.God is calling us
?Will we answer Him

"Seek the LORD, and ye shall
(live..."(Amos 5:6

We are living in a day and an hour
when many are seeking after leasing
.or falsehood rather than the Truth
They have very conveniently changed
the Truth of God into a
lie (Romans 1:25) to accommodate their
sinful lifestyle. Yet, Amos
" ...5:6 commands us to "Seek the LORD

The Bible clearly defines Jesus as
the Truth. In John 14:6, He
definitively stated - "I am the
Way, the Truth..." John 1:17 relates
how - "...Grace and Truth came by
Jesus Christ." In John 17:17, He
prayed to the Father and
".said - "...Thy Word is Truth

To summarize, He is indeed the
Word made flesh among
us(John 1:14). The Word of God
is Truth. He - being the
.Word - is the Truth

People nowadays would rather
accept the lie(Satan) and reject
the Truth(Jesus). John 1:11 verifies
this in saying - "He(Jesus) came
unto His own, and His own received
Him not." John 3:19 tells us
that men love darkness rather
than light - the lie rather
than the Truth - sin rather
.than Jesus

In Psalm 4:2, God asks
humanity - "...How long
will you love vanity, and
seek after leasing?" Said
another way - "How long will
you chase after idols in your
life - things which cannot
satisfy... are false and can
never meet the deepest
longings of your soul - and
"?reject My Son, the Truth

God is commanding us in
"...Amos 5:6 to - "Seek the LORD
Hosea 10:12 adds - " is
"...time to seek the LORD

?When should we seek the Lord

Isaiah 55:6 answers - "Seek ye
"...the LORD while He may be found

Can there be a time when the
?Lord may not be found

! Absolutely

Proverbs 1:28-30 attests - "Then
shall they call upon Me, but I
will not answer; they shall seek
Me early, but they shall not find
Me; For that they hated knowledge
and did not choose the fear of the
Lord: They would none of My
".counsel: they despised all My reproof

We must never presume that God
will always be there for us when
we call. If when He called us and
we refused or disregarded His
constant wooings to draw closer
to Him - then when we call, He may
not be there for us. He honors
those who honor Him. If we forsake
Him, He will forsake us and leave
.us to eat the fruit of our own ways

?How should we seek the Lord

Deuteronomy 4:29 tells us - "
Him with all thy heart and with all
".thy soul
Zephaniah 2:3 says - "Seek ye the
LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which
"...have wrought His judgment
Hosea 10:12 says - "Sow to yourselves
in righteousness, reap in mercy; break
"...up your fallow ground

We cannot approach God in any old
.way. There must be preparation
2 Chronicles 12:14 tells us that
Rehoboam "...did evil, because he
prepared not his heart to seek
the LORD." On the other hand
2 Chronicles 14:4 says of Asa
that he did that which was good
and righteous in the eyes of the
Lord his God for he "...commanded
Judah to seek the LORD God of his
fathers, and to do the law and the
commandment." 2 Chronicles 15:12 says
that he and all Judah "...entered
into a covenant to seek the
LORD...with all their heart
".and with all their soul

.There must be some form of preparation

- We are to God wholeheartedly - with
.all of our hearts and souls Him in a spirit of humility
or meekness for He resists the proud
and gives grace
to the humble (James 4:6). ...come
clean before
_ "Him - "wrought His judgment
.obeying His commands
...have broken and contrite
hearts - hearts that are not hardened
through sin but broken by the hammer
.of His Word

What is promised to those who
?seek the Lord

Our Scripture in Amos 5:6 says - "Seek
"...the LORD, and ye shall live
In other words, ye shall have
.restored to life and health

As you can see, wonderful things
.are promised to those who seek Him

In addition to the promise of
life, prosperity, and
health, Psalm 9:10 says that the
Lord will never forsake those who
seek Him. Psalm 34:10 says that
.they will not lack any good thing
Proverbs 28:5 says that they will
.understand all things
Lastly, Zephaniah 2:3 says that those
who seek Him will be protected in
the closely-approaching, final days
when His wrath will be poured out
.upon the world

In conclusion, Psalm 40:16 says - " Let
all those that seek Thee rejoice and
" glad in Thee

After reviewing all of the wonderful
promises to those who seek the
Lord, who wouldn't rejoice who is
?earnestly seeking after Him

?Someone may ask - What time is it
?The answer
!It is time to seek the Lord
.For some, it is time long overdue

.God is calling us
?Will we answer Him

.May God Bless His Word

~ Connie ~

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