Friday, December 31, 2004

- He is the Reason for the Season -

.He is the reason for the season
.His birth is why the herald angels sing
Long foretold by prophets of ancient days
.gone by, Oh, come
! Behold the Newborn King

How Joseph and Mary must have pondered
.At the way the plan of God unfurled
They, too, were chosen before time began
.This stalwart man and virgin girl

It seems the beasts within the stable
.Sensed He was more than just a babe
In their quiet place of refuge
.Into their manger He was laid

.He is the reason for the season
Shepherds left their flocks to see
this child And, as the messenger
had promised Found Him with Mary
.meek and mild

.I'm sure they worshipped Him with
wonder But, did they know how blessed
they were To be the first to see
the Saviour Honor on humble
? men conferred

He is the reason, in the temple
Anna rejoiced and Simeon cried
I have seen Israel's salvation "
".Now, I am ready, Lord, to die

.Such steadfast faith shall be rewarded
.All such servants shall know peace
For treasures thus laid up in Heaven
.Worlds without end shall never cease

He is the reason wise men traveled
.Leaving their homes to follow His
star And, still, today, His children
seek Him. When we find Him, we find
.who we really are

.He is the Bread and Living Water
.Come drink from Him and thirst no more
He prepares mansions in the Heavens
.And waits for His children on the shore

.He is the reason for the season
.He brought good will and peace to men
For all who follow in His footsteps
.A crown of victory shall we win

.Without Him we are less than nothing
.Without His grace we'd surely fall
But, He has descended, to depths below us
.To insure that we may stand tall

.He is the reason for the season
He gives His all and asks that we
Strive to be like Him and His Father
.That we might evermore be free

.It seems so simple. Yet, we falter
We oft' forget we are His sheep
And forget He is our Good Shepherd
.And that His love is true and deep

Our courage fails us when we consider
He left His throne to die for us
And He asks only that we love Him
.And learn to turn to Him in trust

.He is the reason for the season
.All laud and honor to His name
For those who seek and find the Master
.Life will never be the same

His yoke is easy and His burden is light
.And He will all our burdens bear
If we will seek Him, we will find Him
.Always nearby to hear our prayers

.No other name can ever save us
.'Twas only He could mark the path
He died to give us life eternal
.And to share all His Father hath

He is the reason for the season
.This Babe, this King, this Risen Lord
.Come, now, and behold His power and glory
.Be sanctified by His pure love

~ by Dianna Gilliam ~

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