Tuesday, December 07, 2004

.God put you on my heart
.I don't know who you are
.But God knows.And He has heard your cries
In the middle of the night when you think no
one cares...because a long time ago...when
.you were a little child, they didn't care
You needed them to be there...but somehow
they couldn't be... because no one showed
.them love when they were little either
.They did not mean to hurt you ..but they did
.And you hurt

And still today, that hurt eats at your soul
and you pray someone will take that hurt away
but it never goes away. But, There is someone
.who can take that hurt away.. You know His name
?But you feel even God let you down, don't you
But no...He is right there ...waiting...without
outstretched arms...wanting to hold you ..and
heal you...and make you whole. He wants to be
.the One to love you like you have never been loved
?Won't you let Him Heal your hurting heart today
.He waits

You can trust Him. More than that ,He wants to
be the father, the mother, the sister, the brother
and the best friend you never had. And you know
.what ? He wants to heal them too
.You know.The ones who could not Love you
.But now, the rest is left up to you

.Jesus waits

?What will you do

by Rev. Joe Diaz _

God's love is like a beacon

That can cause an inner glow

It can reach in hidden corners

.Making them just overflow

His love can dispel sorrow

Help a broken heart to heal

Giving us a great assurance

.That the love of God is real

Lifting someone who has fallen

Showing faith instead of doubt

Telling people if they need us

.We'll be glad to help them out

As the love of God surrounds us

Bringing grace to aid in strife

May our love shine like a beacon

.And continue all through life

by Frances Culpe Wolfe _

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