Sunday, December 19, 2004

? Are you going to leave Me, too

~ John 6:67 ~

When Jesus spoke to the multitude

He did not glory in how large the

crowd was. He did not congratulate

Himself on having such an influential

ministry. Instead, He sought to thin

the numbers out by sifting them with

a difficult word, saying, "You must

eat my flesh and drink my blood if you

wish to be my disciples." At this

saying, the multitude and many of His

disciples turned aside and no longer

followed Him. Instead of running after

them in an effort to make Himself

understood and accepted, He watched

them go. Then, turning to the Twelve

He said, "Will you also go away?" Here

is a Man who is not afraid to be

misunderstood because He is not afraid

of people, what they will think, or what

.they will say about Him unjustly

WE can discern His meaning, but THEY could

?not. Why did He not explain what He meant

Because He had no love for Himself, no

desire to be understood. He only called

for those who had ears to hear. He spoke

the Word and allowed the hearers to

exercise their own judgment and spiritual

discernment. He had no desire to be

appreciated or accepted. He would not

have them accept HIM while rejecting

the WORD He brought. If they rejected

.His Word, they rejected Him

To overcome the fear of man, we must

not only be willing to be misunderstood

.and unappreciated, we should expect it

Then we will be free to speak what God

has given us and will not be troubled

should others fail to grasp the

.significance of it

* From FEAR NO MAN by Chip Brogden *

... Gentle Savior
Give me a quick heart
always open to YOUR coming
ever sensitive to YOUR whisper
quick and eager to welcome YOU
with gladness and rejoicing
.from my heart


.I. H. N

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