Thursday, November 04, 2004

In truth, no one is special. We are all equal and we all share the
same spirit. If you believe anyone is special, it means that someone
else is not. The world ego will work very hard to keep this idea of
specialness alive because it allows the kinds of actions that perpetuate
the existence of the ego. We will move away from that position as we
.pursue our individual sacred quest

When the loving presence is known, we will be unable to view others
as less special or ourselves as more so. This will represent a victory of
unselfishness over selfishness in all forms throughout the world. Tom
Brown, Jr., describes this attitude in a wonderful quote taken from his
challenging book, The Quest: Man living in the island of self is living but
a small part of what life is all about. Man must transcend the barriers
the prisons of ego and thought, and reach the Creator. All Islands, all
circles, must be bridged. Each world must be understood, then finally fused into an
absolute and pure "oneness".Then there can be no inner or outer dimension
.no separation of self, just a pure oneness where man is at once all things

From Your Sacred Self by Wayne Dyer _

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