Thursday, October 28, 2004

Your intention can be simply to have the courage to experiment, or it
can be wanting to learn about a problem you are facing. When I enter
my art space, I try to have the clearest intention possible to accept
whatever comes to me. I trust that the images I need, the knowledge I
.need, exists within me and that I can access it through this process

If I come in an angry and agitated state, I may ask to be shown the
source of these feelings. If I come in confusion, I ask to accept
images that will mirror back the components of my confusion. To signal
my intention, I sometimes light a candle or a stick of incense before
I begin, to mark the time of direct image making. Other times I simply
sit in my space or do the chores of cleaning and strightening up to
make ready for the time to work. My overall intention is come to know
the source of wisdom and guidance within me. Space and materials are
.the outward manifestation of my intention

Art is a Way of Knowing by Pat B. Allen _

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