Wednesday, October 06, 2004

From a mystical point of view personality is formed around
the heart. For a materialist the heart is the piece of flesh
hidden in the breast, but for the mystic the heart is the
.center of the person around which the personality is formed

Consciously or unconsciously man loves the word heart
and if we were to ask a poet to leave that word out and
write his poems without using it, he would never satisfy
himself or others. Few people think of this; yet the poets
who have most appealed to humanity have used the word
heart most. For what is man? Man is his heart. A dead
.heart means a dead man; a living heart a living man

People look for wonderworking and surprises,for
phenomena of all kinds. Yet the greatest phenomenon
the greatest surprise, and the greatest wonder are to be
found in one's heart. If there is anything that can tune
man to the highest pitch, that can tune the strings of his
.soul to the right note, it is only the tuning of the heart

The Art of Being and Becoming by Hazrat Inayat Khan ~

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