Thursday, August 05, 2004

~<> When The Heart Is not Afraid <>~

When Dipa Ma was about to leave the Insight Meditation Society, a
whole group of us, twenty or so, were standing near her holding our
hands together at our hearts. For some reason, just before she got in
the van, she turned to me and put her hands on my hands looked me
right in the eye, remarkably close, and held my hands in silence. She
stared at me with utter love, utter emptiness, utter care. During this
minute she gave me a complete heartfelt transmission of loving
kindness...there was shakti [spiritual energy] just
pouring form her Then she turned around and slowly got
.in the car
In this one moment, she showed me a kind of love I had never
experienced before. It was a rare kind of love without separation or
differences. This was my first taste of what can happen in the
presence of an enlightened being. That moment is just as powerful as
.if it happened yesterday
Knowing this love, and seeing that it's possible to give it to others, has been a real inspiration for me
.on my path
Dipa Ma is an example of how,when the heart is
.not afraid,the love can just our through

from Knee Deep in Grace by Amy Schmidt ~

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