Monday, August 23, 2004

Pema Chِdrِn: A big part of compassion is being honest with yourself, not shielding yourself from
. your mistakes as if nothing had happened
. And the other big component is being gentle

This is what meditation is about, but obviously it goes beyond sitting on a meditation cushion. You begin to see your moods and your attitudes and your opinions. You begin to hear this voice, your voice,and how it can be so critical of self and others.There is growing clarity about all the different parts of yourself. Meditation gives you the tools to look at all of this clearly, with an unbiased
attitude. A lot of having compassion toward oneself is staying with the initial thought or arising of emotion. This means that when you see yourself being aggressive, or stuck in self-pity, or whatever it might be, then you train again and again in not adding things on top of that-guilt or self-justification or any further negativities. You work on not spinning off and on being kinder toward the
.human condition as you see it in yourself

~ How do you develop compassion towards yourself?_ by bell hooks ~

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