Tuesday, June 29, 2004

<> That's My Daddy <>

A little girl was once standing on the edge of a crowd while her daddy was giving a testimony about what Jesus Christ had done in his
life. He was testifying how the Lord had saved and delivered him from
.his old lifestyle as a drunkard

There was a cynic standing on the edge of the crowd that day who could not bear to hear anymore of this religious nonsense. So he yelled, Why don't you just shut up and sit down, old man. You're just dreaming

Soon, this skeptic felt a tug on his coat sleeve. He looked down and it was this little girl. She looked him square in the eyes and said, Sir, that's my daddy you're talking about. You say that my daddy is a dreamer? Let me tell you about my daddy. My daddy used to be a drunkard and would come home at night and beat my mother. She would cry all night long. And mister, we didn't have good clothes to wear because my daddy would spend all his money on whiskey. Sometimes I didn't even have shoes to wear to school. But look at these shoes and look at my new dress! My daddy has a good job now

Then pointing across the way, she said, Do you see that woman smiling over there? That's my mother! She doesn't cry through the night anymore. Now she sings

.Then the knockout punch. She said, Jesus has changed my daddy Jesus has changed our home. Mister, if my daddy is dreaming, then please don't wake him up

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