Tuesday, June 01, 2004

* Hope *

!What is hope
.It is the essence of my life
Hope is the ingredient of my mind
.that will ease most of my strife
Hope helps me see the sunshine
.through the darkest clouds of the day
Hope is my driving force
.the reason I pray

Hope helps me see rainbows
in the hardest of rain
Hope helps soothe my heartaches
.to relieve some of my pain
Hope looks for the silver clouds
when a dream I had is gone
Hope helps me believe
.there will be a brighter dawn

Hope gives me strength to trod on
.when the struggle seems in vain
Hope keeps pushing me
.to keep trying; again and again
Hope helps pick me up
.each time that I am blue
Hope helps me figure it out
.when I don't have a clue

Hope is the reason
that I can fight through it all
instead of giving up
.and taking a fall
Hope will keep me going
...it will help see me through

~ willw feb ~

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