Monday, April 05, 2004

>*< My Own Destiny >*<

In the stillness of the night
on the side of a shady hill
but for the breeze and ocean waves
all else was quiet and still

I think of my life in this moment
and how it's almost spent
Not many years remain
and still I have goals to meet

The path I chose to start this day
begins within my heart and soul
If I stay close to my heart and believe
then someday I shall achieve my goals

I would like to make time stand still
in some magic moment shared long ago
?How do I deal with unexpected pain
Then I came to believe
it's everything to do with attitude

As the sun sinks slowly from the sky
clearly the journey ahead is mine
There's no place I'd rather be
than in my heart...finding my own destiny

The one thing I'm most thankful for
and will be sure to carry me that extra mile
Is the blessing of our Heavenly Father
As I truly believe only he can judge
how well I've really done

Once in a while if my name should bring
some positive thoughts and a friendly smile
then I will not have lived this life in vain
!But merely found my own destiny

~ Doug Lang ~

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