Wednesday, April 07, 2004

* Believe *

Just remind yourself
what a special person you are
How much you have to offer to so many
Put your arms around yourself
and give a big hug
And realize that you deserve it plenty
I think the angels will take
special care of you right now
And I hope you feel their presence in every way
Just as I hope you feel the nearness
of all the loving thoughts
Of those who care so much for you each day

Rely on the wisdom and love in your heart
And don't let life throw you a curve
Because with all my heart
I want you to have
The beautiful life your deserve
There are many who believe in you
And know you can do it if you take it day by day
The truth is nobody else
can walk in your shoes right now
But you can always just call on me
and I'll walk beside you
every step of the way -

~ written especially for kristina willw jun 10, 1998 ~

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