Monday, March 01, 2004


At times you feel you're all alone when troubles keep you down
When misery loves company, but nobody's around
When problems get the best of you, and answer's can't be found
When giving all your best to smile, you manage just to frown

At times you feel the pain inside is far too much to bear
When even those you love so much are never ever there
When you become invisible and no one seems to care
When realizing finally, that life just isn't fail

You feel afraid
You feel left out
?You can't help but ask why
If your life feels much worse then death
?Then why not simply die

If every night you go to bed and secretly you cry
If you can't get away from grief no matter how you try
You feel such sorrow in your life
You ask and ask again
?If living is a living hell, why put up with it then

If you face all these problems that just seem to never end
Just know no matter whom you are, you'll always have a friend
Someone who's been through so much more than you will understand
Someone who sacrificed his life to save his fellow man

Someone who never lost his faith, someone who never ran
Someone who always does for us the very most he can
Someone who died a mockery, who paid the greatest cost
Someone who died so painfully, nailed up against a cross

Despite his being king of kings, the boss of every boss
He died because he thought we were too precious to be lost
So if you ever feel you can no longer stand the pain
Just know you have at least one friend who's been through quite the same
He'll always be around you there to listen, not to blame

So if you need to talk to someone just call out his name
And hopefully your problems will no longer seem so great
Perhaps because you know that he gave himself for your sake
And maybe even though you hurt you'll manage still to smile
The fact that Jesus loves you will make everything worthwh

~ Ryan Sy ~

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