Wednesday, February 18, 2004

<> Inside My Heart <>

My Love You have touched my heart
Your such an incredible man, everything
about you is new and exciting to me
The love in your eyes and the words you say to
me touches each and every part of my soul and
makes my heart soar like an eagle in the sky
You make me think of rainbows and all there beautiful
colors and the pot of gold at the end when the rain
stops and the sun comes shinning through
You make me think of the beautiful mountains and
the blue sky's up above with a few clouds passing by
You make me think of those beautiful sunsets, the ones
that touch your very soul and cause a fire deep within
You make me think of the early morning sky and all the
beautiful colors it brings when the sun comes shinning
over the mountain tops to another wonderful new day
Deep inside my heart you are there with me all the time
every day and every night, nothing could ever replace
what I feel for you and how I feel about you
You are so good for me, good for my heart and soul

I Love You

~ Pattie Lloyd ~

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