Monday, December 08, 2003

~<> PAIN <>~

The pain that rages in my heart
I live with day to day
A sorrow deep within my soul
That never goes away
The smile I use to mask my pain
Hides tears no one can see
For the tears I shed alone at night
Are seen by only me


I hide behind a thin facade
A clown on masquerade
Seeking laughter as my balm
In a haunting, sad parade
Behind the makeup of the clown
Is a shattered heart of glass
Look deep into the eyes and see
A pain filled, sorrowed past


I walk through clouds of sadness
And drift on seas of pain
Picking up the shards of heart
Seeking wholeness once again
Alive in constant memory
Across the distant miles
There is solace for this heart
And the key to this clown’s smile


And though the days are empty
And years stretch forth in pain
A hope, a dream is still alive
That I will be whole again

~ Allison Chambers Coxsey ~

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