Sunday, November 23, 2003

* Sadness *

A heavy heart to carry
Tears falling endlessly
Why does sadness take over
What has it done to me

Cutting like a knife
through this heart of mine
Waves of despair
weave around my soul entwine

What has each year taken
like a thief in the night
Yesterday is gone
Today I cry
Tomorrow is not within my sight

Hopelessness is the feeling
of the despondent person as they cry
Where is the heart of the man or woman
....that can see this
And yet, still just pass them by

Where is the fellow feeling
in this world today
Why can so many look at sadness
Then just turn and walk away

Pass by the person
that is living on the street
How did they end up there
What tragedy in their life did they meet

The person without a home
Not a decent meal on the table
What evil came upon them
that threw them into a life unstable

War and hate, children alone
People live in fear
.....So much sadness
What is happening here

Each tear that falls
there is a sad reflection inside
If we do not get a hold of and stop
all this sadness going on
There will be a turbulence of tears
like floods far and wide

The floodgates will open
with such a destructive flow
And when we look around
there will be nowhere for us to go

~ By Kathryn Sunday Davis ~

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