Thursday, November 27, 2003

~... Showing the Way ~

See the road before you
It takes you to the Light
Filled with radiant splendor
Your spirit now takes flight

This rose a gift of heaven
I place it in your hand
So you will feel the softness
Within God's precious Land

Where wings are softly waiting
To bring you to the place
Where love and understanding
Will welcome you with grace

Angels all have gathered
To welcome you above
Shower you with kisses
Show their tender love

Flowers all around you
With fragrance every where
Jesus there to hold you
His Heart so filled with care

Caressing you so softly
Your head against His chest
Telling you He loves you
With your soul He is blessed

Go forth in your beauty
With wings of love and lace
Halo that awaits you
With diamond's glow embrace

Fly on wings of angel
Each day a gift we share
Your countenance of beauty
We gather in a prayer

~ Francine ~

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