Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Transcending Love

When I am here I want to fly
above the night's starlight
I want to go on a trip
and experience, unconditional love
A love that transcends
any feeling. I want to feel free

But nothing is this world is free
And I will never be able to fly
So I will search for love that transcends
below the night's starlight
Here I might find love
.without going on an eternal trip

This life feels like a bad trip
Not even my freedom is free
There's nothere here, no love
to find that, I have t fly
But will it transcend
?above the night's starlight

?How long will I see the starlight
?How soon do I take the trip
?When I get there will my emotions transcend
?Will the after life be free
?With God will I fly
.All I am certain is of Love

Before the end, will I love
someone under the starlight
?Will he make me fly
take me on trips
make me feel free
Give me love that transcends

above all love that has ever transcended
?above all the universes love
Will we be free
dancing under the starlight
Going on great trips
Imagining we can fly

But that will never happen, I'll never fly
Until the day i die. I'll find love
Above the dark night's starlight

~ by isa ~

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