Friday, October 10, 2003

Spread My Wings

Dreams may rise above
Any reality that you've known
Sometimes I set my spirit free
To fly where it's often flown
For my life is just confusion
I'd rather exist in my illusions
Spread my wings
And start to cruise
Catch the wind
And be so high

Used to be my life was grey
As the clouds before a storm
But that won't halt me
From the ray of light
That shines through the storm
So spread my wings
I'll say goodbye
To all the wretched times
For I'm set free
My heart does find
When my spirit takes the climb

I know you'll say
A time will come
When my feet
Must touch the ground
But by that time
I'll have found myself
And the earth
Won't keep me bound

(( Dawn Kozsey ))

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