Saturday, August 30, 2003


Hours Away

This story is not unlike many that are already here. I hope to give new couples hope that you can make it work. Don't ever give up if you truly love the person

Me and Mark met online one day. I was a regular and he was new to the chat room. We didn't talk much at first but my friends who already knew him introduced us. He was very sweet without even knowing it. A lot of people on here are fake. They don't act like themselves, and Mark isn't one of them

One of my friends wanted to get to know him better so she asked me to talk to him for her so I ended up adding him to my messenger. We got to talking and found that we are a lot alike. Lets just say I didn't talk about my friend to much. We hit it off instantly

He called me and we talked for a few hours on the phone and our relationship grew from there. It got to the point where we were either on the phone talking or online talking. We really got to know each other and even though it's only been 2 months now I feel like I've known him forever

A month ago we met for the first time. He came to my house for a long weekend. It's true when they say you will never forget the first hug. We didn't let go of each other the entire weekend. He is a great guy, he loves me and my kids. I love him and I love his kids

2 weeks ago he came for another visit. He was only able to stay one night, but it's almost like we were never apart. I feel so comfortable with him and I'm normally a shy person. With him I can be myself. We find that we're thinking or saying the same thing at the same time. True love only happens once in a lifetime you have to seize the moment or it'll pass you by. We've had our problems just like everyone else, but we've managed to work through them. I feel like he's my soul mate, and I will never give up on us

This Friday I'm planning on making the 13 hr drive with my two kids to stay two weeks with him at his house. I'm nervous about meeting his family, but excited at the same time. He's met my best friend, my parents, and my ex husband so I figure it's about time I do the same

We have some things to work out, but we do plan to live together. I'm moving to Maryland from Wisconsin where I live. I want us to start our lives off fresh. Me and him have talked a lot about our future and I still get butterflies when he says he wants me to be his wife and have a child with him

Don't ever let someone tell you that falling in love with someone on the internet is stupid. On the internet you get to know the persons personality. Who they are before you get to the whole physical appearance. I believe whole heartedly that true love is found in the least expected spots. Me and Mark never thought we'd fall in love with someone we met on the internet. Now I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life


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