Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Tragedy to Triumph

This is the story of how we found love online. I've always been one of those who has been sceptical when reading in the press about "Internet Romances". But when I first went online in April 1999, I never dreamt that I would meet the love of my life

The only people e-mail address's I had were those of my friends who live local to me in Nottingham, England. So I entered my profile on a Christian pen-pals site. Though I wasn't looking for love, I received many e-mails from overseas, but there was one that stood out among the rest. It was from a lady a lady in Indonesia called Nathalie. At the time, I was caring for my disabled Mother at home so my social life was very limited. Both of us had come from awful marriages, I'm 43 and Nathalie is 38

On August 27th of last year, my Mother passed away and I was devastated. But Nathalie was a tower of strength to me and her encouragement was amazing. Then we started to chat on Yahoo messenger and exchange letters and cards. Many times Nathalie would phone me up and it was so amazing that someone should go to all this care and concern for me. It wasn't long afterwards that we began to fall in love and Nathalie came to visit me for a week in March

When we met at Heathrow Airport, it was the most amazing experience of my life as if electricity was running through me. We hugged and wept and held each other so tightly. The week went so fast and it was awful when we had to say goodbye when Nathalie returned home. We missed each other so much and as we continued to chat, it was as if we had been dreaming about the wonderful week we had spent together

On June 2nd, I flew to Indonesia and spent 3 wonderful weeks with Nathalie. First we had 2 days on Bali Island and then we flew to her city called Yogyakarta before spending the remaining 2 days on Bali because I had to catch my flight home from there. It was during our time together that we decided that we didn't want to keep going through the pain of missing each other and so we got engaged. We plan to marry in Indonesia and then start a new life together in Hawaii with her 3 young children. So, I now believe in internet romances and I can testify that they are real and they do work

In time, I hope to learn how to build a website so that I can join in the Internet Romance web ring and share our story with the world

Keep up the good work with your wonderful website and I enclose a photo for you of the time in Indonesia when we returned from meeting Nathalie's friends....the Prince and Princess of Java in the Sultans Palace! As you can see, I had to wear the traditional royal outfit in order to enter the Palace

All the best and God bless you
Trevor McElroy


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