Thursday, July 10, 2003


Born to Love You

We don't have a really extraordinary love story and this is not a fairy tale as well. Tony and I are just ordinary people with an ordinary life. But once you're in love, everything seems so beautiful and awesome We feel special now because we have found what we have been looking for since long time ago

It all began on 29 December 2001. Tony 'stumbled' to my website and he was interested to know more about me. At that time, he was in Nigeria as he is assigned
to work there

We wrote to each other everyday and I arranged to pick him up at the airport on 30 January 2001, but suddenly my driver got an accident and I emailed Tony to tell him that I might not be able to pick him up at the airport. My parents never allow me to take a cab alone
(!I'm too spoiled)

On 30 January 2001, I woke up VERY late. It was 12:30. My parents told me that my driver had been fully recovered. I was really in a rush, coz as I'd promised Tony, when my driver was OK, I would pick him up at the airport and his arrival time was 14:30

I arrived at the airport just in time. Then he came to me with a smile, a really cuddly teddy bear (he knows that I LOVE teddy bears), a CD of Gabrielle (he kept asking me in his emails whether I know a singer by the name of Gabrielle as my first name is Gabrielle), and a couple of internet magazines (these ones I asked him to bring for me), and ... a kiss on my cheek!. I sent him to his hotel & I went back home. Not long after I arrived home, he called me and told me that he was in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta! Gosh! After he was back to his hotel, he rang me several times that day & I promised to join him for a breakfast in the morning. He said that he couldn't stop thinking about me

Firstly, he intended to stay in Jakarta for 2 weeks. I told him that it was a waste if he only stayed in Jakarta as he should visit Bali, too. Then he asked me to join him to Bali. I was pretty shocked ... But I said yes

We went to the travel agent to arrange our trip to Bali. He surprised me again there when he said he wanted to be in Bali for one week (we left to Bali one week he stayed in Jakarta) and wanted to extend his stay in Jakarta for another week! Later, when we were in Bali, he just told me that the idea of extending his stay was just popped out spontaneously as he wanted to spend more time with me

On the same day, we went to watch "Cast Away" (Tom Hanks). And for the first time, we held each other hands (his palms were really wet!) and suddenly I felt so warm & peaceful

I went back home and he called me on the phone & told me that he likes me. I asked him, since when he had the feeling, and he asked me back, "Do you believe in
love at the first sight?" Aaaaaahhhhhh .... At that very moment, a strange feeling immersing into my mind and I was fall for him, too ... I just didn't realize it until he told me about his feeling

We were learning to know each other more and more since then and suddenly we were "trapped" in love that tight us very very strong

Tony surprised me by buying me an engagement ring in Bali! Then we got engaged in Jakarta on Feb 14, 2001 (he alos surprised me by asking my best friend to buy a dozen of red roses on Valentine's Day!) and we plan to get married in Jakarta in October 2001. I will fly to England to meet Tony & his parents end of this month. Yes, I am corresponding with them also after he announced our engagement & our wedding plan. I'm really looking forward to meet them and I can't wait to be in his arms again

All we want to say is that life is a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll get inside! If you keep failing in your relationship, don't give up hope ... God has prepared someone for you out there, and just believe that he/she is on the way to your life

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