Wednesday, July 02, 2003



Danny and I met on May 29,1998 in a chat room called Scotland on Msn Chat. I was bored and had decided to check out this chat room...Scotland sounded interesting. so off I went into the unknown. The first person I met was "Braveheart". He was funny and sweet and gave me so much detailed items about Scotland...we talked for 4 hours ..sharing so much...he was a an early age...he was 27. This seemed like a sweet friendship. I never knew what was to come since I was so much older. I was 39. we talked as if we knew each other forever

We then became inseparable on the net. We were always together when time allowed it. Then one day he gave me his phone number and we decided we should talk. I called. I was soooo nervous but he answered. The beautiful bass timbre of his voice with that thick Scottish brogue. It was enough to make you swoon. We talked for hours and I actually understood every word. His laugh was so infectious, our senses of humour we so in tune

He told me one day that he thought he was falling for me. I laughed and said you know I am older. He said he didn't care. He sent me lovely letters. Poems of love and special cd's he made me and shirts with William Wallace on them. He called me his "wee thistle". The endearments were so different and special. I was losing my resolve. I admitted I was falling for him too

We decided we had to meet but it wasn't going to be easy. We were in love and we knew everything about each other and we knew each others weaknesses and it didn't matter. He told me it didn't matter about the age difference because he knew this was a real hurdle for me. He convinced me he wanted to come to Kentucky and be with me. We knew we were soul mates and needed to be together. I prepared for the day. September 29, exactly 4 months from the day we met for him to arrive. I told my family, some were sceptical, told me to find someone here. I said there was no one here who interested me. I had a friend who was a real believer in us and she told me she would drive me to Nashville so I could spend time with Danny on the way home

The day he was to arrive. I was awakened at 2am by the phone. It was him. He was getting ready to go to the airport in Glasgow, then he would land several hours later in Nuark and take the puddle jumper to Nashville. I prayed he would arrive safely. I then went back to sleep. He would not arrive in Nashville til 8:35 pm. I had cleaned the house sparkling, even bought crystal glasses and Glen Fiddich whiskey to make him feel a little more at home. My friend arrived at 4 pm to take me to the airport. It's a 2 hour drive to Nashville from here in Kentucky. She was the nervous wreck, not me. I was sure. I knew this man loved me. He had even asked me to marry him on one of the last few phone calls we had shared

We arrived at Nashville a little after 6 pm. We browsed the gift shops, had a drink in the Pub and made sure we knew which terminal he would arrive on. At 8:15 we made our way to the terminal. My friend was ready with the camera. At 8:30 the plane arrived. We watched it taxi up to the gate and connect to the ramp. My heart was pounding. I knew Danny would be "knackered" because of the 18 hour plane ride. I hid around from the main entrance from the plane because my friend want me to surprise Danny so she could get it on film and she did

When he walked off I walked up to him and said "Do you recognize me?" and he nodded. He grabbed me and hugged me very tight. He was trembling. I didn't know if it was joy or from weariness or a bit of both. He kissed me and kept hugging me. He told me " I Love you". We got his bags and we set out for the ride home. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. We kissed so much, and talked and laughed. The ride was shorter than we thought. When we arrived home I showed him around. He said he needed a shower and so I fixed him a drink and he took a shower. We talked awhile after then we kissed and kissed. He told me he never had loved anyone so much. I was worried he would be disappointed. He said "Never". I felt as if I was floating and it was a fairytale

We were married on October the 9th, 1998. We are happy and have adjusted to the differences any two different cultures are bound to have. I tease him that I have Americanised him, but there is no chance of that. Anyone who hears him talk is amazed or has to say "what". I think it startles them to hear his accent here. He has gotten used to it. We now are readying to celebrate our 3rd Christmas together. We are still so in love. The age has been no obstacle at all. Most people have no idea I am 12 years older than him

I have to admit I have found my Braveheart. He braved it all and gave it all up for me. I am truly Blessed. He calls me his wee thistle still and he calls me hen which makes my heart melt. I know there are those who didn't believe it would ever happen but we proved them wrong and all my family loves I do


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