Wednesday, July 02, 2003


If I told you that I need you, would you feel the same way, too
If I told you that I miss you, would you make my dreams come true
If I told you that every morning, I awake and think of you
Your name is on my lips....the whole day thru

If I told you that I'm yearning, to be lost in your embrace
If I told you that I long, to hold and kiss your face
If I told you every minute of the day I crave your kiss
To re-live .......those wonderous moments of bliss

You are in .... my every single, waking, thought, every day
!You take my breath away, til there's nothing left to say

If I told you that I want...your arms around me very tight
If I told you I want to hold you close, each & every night
If I told you when the stars come out & fill the midnight skies
I want to faint from your kiss.....and drown in your eyes

?If I told you....would you say the same things, too


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