Thursday, July 03, 2003

Angels On Our Shoulders

It has been said, we are never alone
Each of us has someone to watch over us
Some call them angels, others call them spirit guides
They watch over us from over our shoulders

From the moment we are born
From the first second we first breathe
They show us we are one in seven billion chance
They show us we are loved, we are unique

They are there for every hurt and triumph
They smile with us and shed every tear
They are always close to our hearts
They are a part of us, their purpose is clear

There are time in our lives
When we feel so alone, we feel as if we walk on an empty and desolate plain
Our angel is always with us
She walks hand in hand with you, she feels your pain

We must always remember
They are here to help, to protect us from angst
They show us mercy, tenderness, and joy
They let us know we are safe from the horrors of the past

There are times in our lives
When we all we need is a friend
Someone to share all the highs and lows
Someone to be there until the need comes again

By Harry Shriver

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