Sunday, June 22, 2003


The Princess & The Marine

Thank God for the internet ! After 30 years of wondering, my heart was put to rest. A goodbye that was never said and feelings that were never revealed. A kiss that would last a life time and a romantic evening that will never be forgotten. The beauty of a woman that would never be matched through eternity

Whatever happened to Mary ? After 30 years I finally got the courage to find out. With 3 weeks of searching on the internet I located her in Oregon. I will come back to this part later

:The most romantic evening ever
It was a early fall evening, a perfect night weather wise with a full moon. I was invited to a party in Santa Clara,Ca. by my Marine friends. A week prior to this, I was to escort the Miss Runner-up Santa Clara in the state fair. My friend and I were to ride in the Governor's car along with Miss Santa Clara and Mary. As it turned out, my friend chickened out. Which left me with no choice to do the same. The other 5 Marines did escort the other contestants and had a great time. They knew I was disappointed in not going. So they invited me to the party in which most of the girls were coming

You never seen so many pretty girls at a party. I was having a ok time but felt a little lonely not having a girl with me. I guess an hour or less went by as I left seat on the sofa and my drink & etc. on a table as I went to the kitchen to call a girl on the phone. When I came back, someone had taken my seat. I couldn't believe my eyes ! The most beautiful girl that I have ever seen was sitting there. Wow ! She had beautiful blonde hair and eyes that just seemed to glitter. She looked at me noticing she must of taken my spot and said : I'm sorry !, did I take your seat ? At that time my eyes were just glued to her, I said yes, kind of in a dumb sort of way. She looked at me with that beautiful face and padded the 6 inch space on the sofa next to her and asked me to sit down. Oh my God !,I couldn't believe it ! The dream of my life has come true. As we sat & talked so close together she found out I was the one that was to escort her. She was so joking mad at me for making her spend the ride and most of that day with the Governor & etc. I explained my reasons and she forgave me with her beautiful smile. We later ended up in her friend's car for hours ! ( not what you think ! ) We kissed and talked for hours. We kissed 24 minutes non-stop through the long version of the song : in-a-gadda-da-vida. The kiss that I would remember for 30 years and counting. Her friends had to pull us apart to leave, I can still remember our hands holding on to each other, not wanting to leave each other. Even though we saw each other & phoned the next several months, it the hands holding onto each other that I always remembered

We never had the chance to say goodbye, because I was to return to California the following year. I never was able to tell her that I was in love with her. That I was afraid to get married at that age. I had no career to support such a beautiful girl. She never knew why I never returned. This was something that I have regretted my whole life

Reunited after 30 years !!! Mary and I have emailed each other in the past year. I was able to finally tell her what happened and how much I cared about her then. Also that the song has always brought back that night for each of us. That the kiss was the greatest ever for the both of us. And that first email made a grown man cry with regret & happiness for her being alive & well and finally telling her how much I have loved her over the years and all the great dreams about her. She felt great finally knowing the truth and so flattered about the dreams

Our responsibilities and careers are in the way now. But someday, I am going to get on that plane to Oregon. If our hands touch and that feeling is still there, I will never let go this time

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