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Mine is a story of heavenly bliss and of miracles
On November 17, 2001, I was in the widow and widowers chat room. That day as many other's during that year was heart breaking for me. My heart was used and abused to the point that I didn't and couldn't trust any more. I was caught in a web with some players I had met in the room. So many other's have been through that also. The hurt is just as bad as if offline and sometimes a lot worse. A few times because of all the hurt? I had started grieving for my husband all over again. The pain I felt in my heart even felt worse if that is even possible

Well, that day as many, many others I had been crying and very upset. I talked to my friend Cindy about the man I loved or at least thought I loved, and how he was hurting me again. That same day was the start of what was to be the beginning of all my dreams coming true also. But I didn't know it or had any idea it was, until much later

While in the room that evening of the 17th of November 2001, there was a new screen name I never saw before. It was a nice screen name. He had said to me in the room...... hi Angel, thank you. I asked...... what for?........ he had said for the welcome home. Many other men had thanked me like that before but for some reason this seemed a little different. You see I have always loved our Vietnam Vets and on my profile I had Welcome Home All Vietnam Vets and Thank you ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))

To me? All are my hero's. Finding out later that Cy was to me the biggest hero of all. Not only was he in Vietnam but he was there 3 times doing 3 tours. He is a retired Marine and he was also wounded in Nam. But that wasn't the only reason why he became my biggest hero. It was because he saved me just like the angels do also

Cy that evening was joking with me in the room and he seemed so nice. We laughed a lot and had so much fun. He made me forget my hurting heart at least for a few hours anyway. Cindy also helped. She is so funny and is such a sweet lady also. After that night Cy and I talked again and again every night. He was newly widowed and I was trying to mend my torn and broken heart. I am a natural care giver so as usual I tried to help Cy get through some rough spots of grieving. In return he made me feel good and made me laugh. We became good friends. Little did I know that one day I was going to be engaged to this wonderful sweet man. We were both not looking that is for sure! We didn't see it coming either but other roomies did and Cindy sure did. They told me we clicked right away and they saw it. At that time I didn't trust him or any one and couldn't give my heart. It was too devastating to me to even try to trust another man. Being hurt so many times had taken it's toll on me. As time went on Cy and I talked more and more. As I said before we were not looking and after all, we were 3,000 miles apart. Cy in California and myself in Maryland. We were too far apart. it could never be or even happen

Cy wanted to meet me about a month later since we met, but I was scared as I felt it was too soon for him and figured the feelings he had for me were because I was caring and understanding and he had mistaken his feelings he thought he had for me. I was caring and he needed someone that understood, which I certainly did. Being widowed at the age of 33 myself. I knew the pain and hurt of losing the love of my life

Cy went to counselling and he told Cy not to get into any relationships so we tried to back off from each other. Two days we were so miserable we didn't laugh in my room like we did, I felt like I lost my best friend. I was hurting again and felt lost. Yes, my feelings were growing for him. Cy was miserable also. We missed each other and the way we were towards one another and all the fun we had with each other and our friends. I talked to my friend Carol about it and how I felt and what we were going through. I came to find out she went through the same thing. She told me her counsellor told her that if it feels right than it is right and you are ready. Carol was our angel. Cy, Carol and I went into a private room and talked. Carol told Cy her story. both Cy and I were relieved and we were back together again happy. It felt like a ton weight was taken off of me and I was flying now. That wasn't the end though. That happened two more times. Cy and I had been through so much but we always came through with flying colors. Never fighting or arguing, just trying to do the right things for one another. Which we found out were all wrong. There was no reason for us to stay away from one another at all. We just had some stepping stones that were loose but they are cemented in good now

Cy came to see me on March 22, 2001. The first two days were very awkward as we were both shy but we did warm up. Still a little on the shy side though. But we knew that we wanted to continue our relationship before he went back home. When he did go home we both missed each other so much. We continued to talk as much as we could both online and the phone. We got to know each other so much more online then we would have ever found out if dating. If dating? it would have taken us years to find out the things we found out about each other in the few months since we first met. When dating you only spend a few hours together and most of the time just on weekends. You can't really get to know one another as much as you can when you spend hours and hours online and the phone. And thank God, Cy has a cell phone and free calling. We talk until the cell phone goes dead LOL. We talk about anything and everything. Most importantly we can talk to each other about anything and not get upset or mad. And if something does upset one of us? We talk it out and reassure each other

We had found out that we had so much in common. It was so unbelievable to me. We were both in shock to find out how much alike we were. We like almost everything the same. From food to music to furniture, to just about everything. All our lives we wanted someone to love unconditionally. We are both very passionate, loving, romantic and caring people and love the idea of wanting to be with each other and doing everything and I mean everything together. Never being separated. I don't know too many men like that. They seem to always be putting down their girlfriends and or wives as an excuse to either cheat or go out. Cy and I know that we choose who we want to be with. To be a friend first and foremost, to, love and care for them always and forever. we truly know we are each others soul mates

We had searched for each other all our lives and God guided us together and yes, from 3,000 miles away when we both really needed someone. Yes, there is a God and He has plans for all of us and this is His plan for me taking place now

All my life since a child all I have ever had was pain and hurt in my life. I knew nothing else. If happiness came to me? It went as fast as it came. But on November 17th 2001. Cy came into my life and saved me like the angels do. He has made me the happiest woman in the world. This sounds funny but I feel like Cinderella, going to the Ball but naked LOL Cy has proven his love for me over and over again in so many ways and he continues to do so

On April 11th 2002 Cy proposed to me online. He played Alabama's song, Will You Marry Me. I didn't know what was hitting me. We were also on yahoo voice chat. I didn't say anything. I couldn't. For once I was speechless LOL Cy typed in the private room we were in.......Arlene
will you marry me ?

I couldn't believe my eyes. I started crying and couldn't answer. After the song he asked me again in his voice. I was still crying. I finally did say yes. Since then he has proposed 7 times. He didn't want to do it this way. He was going to wait until July to ask me when he came back to Maryland. But he said he couldn't wait and didn't want to lose me. Yes, Cy has went out and bought me an engagement ring and Yes, he is going to get on one knee and propose to me sometime between July 19, 2002, to July 27, 2002, when he will be here. I am so nervous and so excited. So many mixed emotions. But I will tell you this......I do love Cy so much and I know we were made for each other and I do know we are going to be happy for all eternity. We are going to change vows also. We both hate until death. We are going to say for all eternity instead. I had found a beautiful cake topper a bride and groom huddled on their knees in front of an angel. She has one hand on each of their shoulders. I showed it to Cy and without me knowing he ordered it and had it sent to me. He said he loved it and it was perfect. I said to him.........Cyyyyyyyyyy we aren't even officially engaged yet does this mean we are going to have cake and eat it too??? LOL He laughed and we both laughed and he said that's a given. That is how we are with each other. We have beaten the odds not only to find true devoted love but of being in a long distance relationship. We are loving life again and living it the way we are suppose to in love for all eternity. We are not kids we are both in our 50's but we do feel like we are 18 again ; ) Well, I can't end this love story of mine and it never will be ended. This is OUR BEGINNING ; )

I wrote this for 3 reasons........First to share with my soul mate Cy and he wanted me to write our story

Second,........... is not to boast or brag which I would never do, but to try to give hope

Third,.......... is to let you know PLEASE, don't think you can go into a chat room and meet your soul mate right away. I do know of several that have met their soul mates online and are the happiest people in the world. But, there are so many players online also. At the same time there are some real nice and wonderful people. Please be careful and please stay safe. I wish you love and happiness (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

Arlene M. ( soon to be Mrs. Arlene H. ) ; ) written 7/2/02

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