Sunday, June 29, 2003


When we believe in something, it becomes truth. This is because our beliefs determine the choices we make in our lives, and our actions help shape the world we live in. This essay asks why we don’t examine our beliefs critically and adopt ways of thinking that celebrate human life and dignity

“.Be careful what you believe because it’s true”

Here is an amazing fact. Planets that are millions of miles away and stars that are millions of light-years away can affect human events here on earth. If you are a rational human being, you may find this difficult to believe. But it’s true. Astrology is real, and it works

Here’s proof: everyday ordinary people read their horoscopes and plan their lives based on its recommendations. More than one world leader has formulated battle plans and set national policy based on advice from astrologers. Those distant celestial bodies affect human history in real ways simply because some of us believe they do

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