Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Faith Hopes Forever

Faith constructs reality from belief
What once was fluid is now concrete
To know that we belong tonight
Is faith enough for mountains might

Hope is a rainbow in the sky
A promise of love, by and by
A tributary through the soul
Hope flows through and makes us whole

Love is why we live and die
An answer to the question why
A feeling that you always knew
The chance to say, I Love You

Dream about the day to come
When tingled soul replaces numb
When heart and soul begins to leap
And dreaming yields to restful sleep

Kiss away the tear from cheek
Hand to hold is what you seek
The soul is near that hand to hold
And passions kiss is lovers gold

Soulmates now forever rare
Push the glade - Chance to dare
Holding hands and hearts and minds
Soulmates growing tie that binds

A soulmates kiss, a candle lit
A dream of my true lovers wit
A hope for faith and love and more
A hand to hold and heart adore

by Timothy Delasandro

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