Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Look above you, and you see it's true
the sky is blue, and the ocean's too
Open your eyes, and look around
Life is so good, life is so fine
Look forward to dream, forward to see
it's a journey for you, a journey for me
Even the cold is feeling warm
Dreams are so good, dreams are so fine

Close your eyes, and listen my friend
it sounds like birds, and angles too
Follow the song, and open your heart
The sound is so good, the sound is so fine

Reach out your hand, and grab what you find
maybe it's gold, or diamonds around
Hold it tight to your heart, and keep it there
The moment's so good, the moment's so fine

Wake up my dear, and look around
life is for real, heaven's for real
Remember this, as I tell you my friend
You are so good, you are so fine

by Marius Lindblom

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