Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Undying Love

Have you ever had the thoughts of yesterday and wonder why things
Turned out a certain way
Have you ever had wonders of what could have been
If onley you could go back and try again
I wonder what we could really do if we could turn back the hands
of time
To the place where our hearts are full of love and all the wonders
of those days were all mine
What would we really change, that would make our life be rearranged
Can we wish away all the hurts and fears
You keep the happy times that we hold so dear
Yet would we not wish away all the joys of our yesterdays
if we were to change all the hurts and tears
Let us yet learn from our own mistakes and make happier times
to take the place and be a joy to those we love
Let our faith be undying love, matched onley by the one above
Onley then will we truly know all the love our hearts can hold
Give a smile each and every day, to thoes whom you pass along your way
Extend your hand to thoes in need, lift them up as you get get on your knees


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